Activator of water (electroactivator) AP-1 version 3

Domestic water activator (electricactivator) AP-1 version 3 is an easy, compact device that allows everyone in the home in just 10 minutes to get about 2 liters of activated (with negative ORP "live" ionized and "dead") water. The device is electrically safe, certified. Power consumption is 70W, 220V.

ATTENTION: for US, Canada & Australia networks, need converter adapter 110v to 220v & with plug EU/US or EU/AU - (Not supplied with the device).

Two ceramic glasses are supplied with the device. Cylindrical - volume of 700 ml. And the standard is 300 ml.

The electrodes of the device are made of food grade stainless steel and titanium VT1-0. To protect against the interaction of the anolyte with the electrode material, the anode is further coated with a layer of platinum group metal oxide. The instructions to the instrument warn of the inadmissibility of cleaning the anode mechanically.

Delivery set:

  • Device Activator water AP-1 type 3
  • Two ceramic glasses are supplied with the device. Cylindrical - volume of 700 ml. And the standard is 300 ml.
  • Description of treatment methods in English.
  • Instructions for using the device in English.

Living water (alkaline, ionized) - pH = 8.0-10.5 units, ORP = - 250 - 400 mV (redox potential, Redox).

Excellent stimulant, tonizer, energy source. It sets the whole organism in motion, gives energy, cheerfulness, stimulates the regeneration of cells, gently raises blood pressure, improves metabolism.

Perfectly heals wounds, ulcers, incl. Stomach and duodenum, bedsores, burns.

Helps in the treatment of prostate adenoma, in the treatment and prevention of atherosclerosis, polyarthritis, osteochondrosis.

Domestic use of living water: accelerates the germination of grain and seeds for planting, stimulates the flowering of domestic flowers, revitalizes green vegetables and wilted flowers, improves the taste of baked goods (when kneading the test on live water), the quality of the syrup for bees feeding (bees become more energetic), stimulates Growth and resistance to diseases of poultry and livestock (the mortality of young animals decreases), watering the beds with live water stimulates the maturation of the crop.

Dead water (acid) - pH = 2.5-5.5 units, ORP = + 500 and more.

Perfect bactericide, disinfector. It is used in the prevention and treatment of colds, flu, angina.

Reduces blood pressure, calms the nervous system, improves sleep.

Helps in the treatment of paradantosis, stops bleeding gums, dissolves the stones on the teeth.

Reduces pain in the joints. Quickly helps with intestinal disorders. Dermatomycosis (fungal diseases of the skin) take place in a few days.

Domestic use of dead water: disinfection of residential and non-residential premises, drinking water, soil, containers, clothing, shoes, removing scale from the walls of dishes, increasing the shelf life of vegetables and fruits, and much more. Normalizes the digestive tract in domestic animals and poultry.

Joint application of live and dead water contributes to the treatment of such diseases as allergy, hepatitis, psoriasis, female diseases (colpitis, cervical erosion) and many others, since the general principle of recovery is the maintenance of the hydrogen index of all body fluids and exhaled air pH 7.1- 7.4, and ORP - in the negative range to reduce the activity of free radicals (Read more in Dina Ashbakh's book "Living and dead water - the newest medicine of our time")

Activated water is used in the household, at home, in the garden and in the garden, for hygienic purposes, in animal husbandry and poultry farming, etc. The effectiveness of the activated water produced by the domestic water activator (electroactivator) AP-1 increases also because during electrolysis "Dead" water acquires a positive, and "live" - ​​a negative electrical potential. It becomes like a weak electrolyte, which quickly interacts with body fluids (gastric juice, blood, lymph, intercellular fluid, etc.).

The human body is an energy system. Long-term practice of using activated water prepared by domestic activator water (electroactivator) AP-1 confirmed the conclusions of scientists that it is the positive and negative charges of this water that are very conducive to maintaining the energy balance of cells.

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